Breakwater Restaurant & Bar, Greenville, SC
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Veterans Affairs Outpatient Clinic

A much needed new clinic for Upstate veterans





$23 million

Delivery Method


Project Sheet
Project Description

After years of mounting need, Greenville finally got a new VA Outpatient Clinic to better serve the 17,000 Veterans in the area. This facility provides outpatient care in Dental, Audiology, Mental Health, Physical Therapy, Primary Care, Optometry, Radiology, Pharmaceutical, Telehealth, and Prosthetic services. A system enforced by the Veteran Health Administration required providers to be separate from patients. Due to patient privacy issues, drove the overall design has a perimeter corridor accessible to the patient, and a work core for provider.


The concept of a waiting mall from which all destinations can be seen makes wayfinding easy for the users. This enables families and patients to wait in the mall and not feel as though they are sequestered in a small waiting room. The concave shape of the mall from the outside is inviting and appealing.


Represents experience of G Scott Kilgore, Project Architect while at DesignStrategies.