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Clemson University Translational Research Laboratory

A cutting-edge laboratory for Clemson University





$5.6 million

Delivery Method


Project Sheet
Project Description

The Bioengineering Chair and faculty were interested in designing an advanced academic research laboratory to facilitate the biomedical enterprise of orthopedic implants. This set of laboratories needed to help promote interaction between world-class Orthopedic Surgeons and top Bioengineers to design, construct, and test new innovations in the orthopedic implant arena.


The Clemson University Translational Research Laboratory included the architectural upfit of 30,000 square feet of laboratory modules, specialty labs, administrative, conference spaces in an existing medical office building shell. By use of vaulted ceilings, skylights, interactive pods, and unique research benches (and other research apparatus), the architects created a high level technical research environment within a building which had not been originally designed for research lab tenants.


In addition, the university requested that a color scheme, compatible with the university’s colors, would be utilized in order to help build the brand – CUBEInC. This project won the 2013 ASID Excellence in Design Award for Healthcare Projects.


Represents experience of G. Scott Kilgore, Project Architect and Project Manager while at DesignStrategies.