Our Approach | We are R A D I U M
Radium's approach brings the resources, manpower, expertise, and experience to manage and coordinate all of the necessary disciplines for your project.
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Our Approach

Radium’s approach brings the resources, manpower, expertise, and experience to manage and coordinate all of the necessary disciplines for your project. We are accustomed to managing multidisciplinary teams of consultants on technically complex projects, both large and small. It is our habit and intent to create an atmosphere where the loyalty is to the project and its every requirement (scope, budget, and schedule). Critical to our approach is an ongoing effort to closely coordinate not only our own work, but that of the entire consultant team so that all systems and program elements are fully addressed.

Project Management Approach
Collaborative Design Process
Quality Assurance

Our project management philosophy is based on proactive management of the design process – budget, schedule, and quality – combined with an understanding that the underlying key to success is consistent and open communication, collaboration, and active participation achieved by a committed team focused on your project.

As previously mentioned, we believe the best approach to planning is an integrated design process, one where the knowledge, experience, and skills of all team members and disciplines are leveraged throughout the project. We have found that this approach allows for the best design solutions to emerge and for all team members to have a clear and consistent understanding of project goals and objectives. One way in which we are able to develop enhanced outcomes is through the active engagement of key team members early in the design process.

Our Quality Assurance strategy focuses on both quality assurance and quality control in order to provide a comprehensive approach to process management to ensure a quality project. Our emphasis on quality assurance is to “do the job right the first time.” Quality control confirms that our design process is delivering not only the program, required adjacencies and technical building systems support, but also a fully coordinated and high quality product. We also believe that the most successful projects are those that have the A/E team members involved from the start of design through CA and ultimately occupancy, including the partner-in-charge, the principal designer, the technical design and the core team members.

Quality Review at Each Phase
Digital Communication Tools
Construction Contract Admin

We will conduct face-to-face, quality control review ‘workshops’ with the design team, engineering consultants, and the Center on a regular basis to ensure completeness and the coordination of all disciplines. In addition, in-house peer reviews at each major milestone will be performed to provide an objective ‘fresh eyes’ review of documents. This ensures that design goals are being met, the documents are well coordinated without redundancy, and there is consistency and alignment between the drawings and specifications.

Our team has extensive experience in how best to realize benefits from robust digital design and management tools, not only within the A/E team but also in partnership with the selected contractor.  Construction communication tools, such as RFIs, change order requests, and supplemental instructions can be transmitted electronically.  All regular communications are posted on secure FTP or websites for immediate, easy access by the appropriate team members. This also provides a common window on the project progress to-date, issues requiring responses, and individual assignments and deadlines.

Our team believes that it is imperative that the design team have local representation on all disciplines. This is especially critical on Construction Administration and close-out procedures. The team must be able to react quickly to issues that come up on the job site. Our office does not have dedicated Construction Administration. We believe that the same personnel that design your project are better equipped to be the people who observe and support the construction effort. When an issue arises that requires immediate, personal attention, our team can be on site within 15 minutes ensuring that construction proceeds quickly. In our estimation, local representation is the only sure means of providing immediate, frequent attention required to keep construction running on-time and on-budget.