Breakwater Restaurant & Bar, Greenville, SC
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Renovations to the TD Convention Center

Evolution of a significant community economic driver





$22 million

Delivery Method


Project Sheet
Project Description

The new convention center for the City of Greenville, the TD Convention Center (formerly the Carolina First Center), is expressive of the City’s commitment to an ambitious corridor plan for the Pleasantburg Drive area of Greenville. The $22 million dollar renovation transformed what was once the largest textile machinery exhibit hall in the world into the largest regional convention center between Atlanta, Georgia and Washington, DC. The renovations consolidated several sprawling expansions over the last four decades into over 280,000 square feet of contiguous Exhibit space, 60,000 square feet of Meeting and Conference space and the largest Ballroom in the State of South Carolina. The design is anchored by a new Entrance Hall and Concourse that unifies the logical connections between the exhibit halls and the conference spaces.


The first phase of the multi-phased construction initiative began August 1, 2005, and the fourth and final phase was completed in December 2009. The facility remained in use throughout the construction process. The architects provided predesign, design, bidding and negotiation, construction administration and supplemental services for all four phases of the project.


Represents experience of Brad Benjamin, Project Architect while at Craig Gaulden Davis.