Breakwater Restaurant & Bar, Greenville, SC
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Breakwater Restaurant & Bar

A transformation into a modern and cutting-edge restaurant






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Project Sheet
Project Description

Beaufort Restaurant Group, the parent company of Breakwater Restaurant, spent many months looking around South Carolina for a second location for their award winning restaurant in Beaufort, South Carolina. On an unintended trip to downtown Greenville one evening, they instantly knew they had found the right place for their new location.


The owners were seeking an opportunity to move into an existing structure, preferably a former restaurant, to cut down on infrastructure improvements. The recently vacated building at 802 South Main Street had everything they were looking for in a new location: a solid, reassuring brick exterior; open expanses of glass to the street; a main street address; and a welcoming front door. It was even a former restaurant.


Most of the existing interior partitions were completely removed to expose a simple, open structure with a simple rearrangement of dining and cooking areas. The expansiveness of the dining room is preserved, but organized into different privacy zones with the use of glass partitions and half-height “glass walls. These elements define a welcoming lobby, social bar area, and a comfortable dining room that features direct access to graciously sized private dining room.